Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Choices, Choices, Choices

Last year back in March we finally found a floor plan we just loved.
We got to secure a block in the Aston Estate - Craigieburn and thought we would wait for a while until we build. Little did we know our floorplan was getting deleted. We had to make the decision within 4 weeks. Even though we felt rushed we looked at it from all aspects... 'Ashgrove' was the one for us. Where do we sign....

While all of this was happening i also had to plan my wedding to with only months to go (one big stress ball) and hubby was building his business and was extremely occipued with that alone. I took the challenge on with organising a wedding and a house at the same time... never regret it for anything.

World of style was just an amazing exprience we went at least 5 times before our appointment and absolutely smashed it out on the day.. expect when it came to (drum roll) the KITCHEN!! Just trying to get all aspects of the kitchen right as I want it to be the main area for our future family.

We then offically signed our contracts on the 9th of Setpemeber... although our block wasn't due to settle until February 2016.

We receieved great news in November 2015 that our block was due to settle on the 7th of December... what a bouns!! Way ahead of schedule and better yet we get to start building earlier!!!

Friday the 29th of February our temporary fencing has gone up... clock is ticking and now and waiting for a letter to find out our site start date and progress...

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